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About Us

Lionheart marketing has been specialising in the direct sales industry since July 2016 and has targeted giants in the Telecoms & retail industry. We mainly use Direct Response Marketing which is designed to generate an immediate response from our consumers, which is the most efficient form since each consumer response (and purchase) can be measured, and attributed to individual advertisements.

Since we use sales representatives to accomplish our goals, the potential consumers end up having a bond with the Lionheart brand thus securing a sale. Our company not only prides itself in the service it provides for our clients but also the opportunity we offer to young individuals who are looking to build a career through the sales industry. We do this through our management development program where we are looking to eventually groom our employees to the point of senior management and beyond.

Our Vision

We develop young entrepreneurs through our Sales and Marketing platforms that amplify authentic youth voices to drive a new narrative of what it means to be a young person on a growing Sales and Marketing Industry.

Our Mission

We created the entrepreneurship programme to tap into and harness the potential of young people, as well as connect them with opportunities which accelerate their ability to create their own sustainable livelihoods. Our direct Sales and Marketing campaigns and youth engagement programmes are co-created to deliver genuine opportunity for young people to create their own sustainable futures.

Our Core Values

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Our Services

We do direct marketing. We do Sales. We do entrepreneurship training. We do leadership development, we build campaigns and communities, and assist clients and their customers reach their objectives, by leveraging our own tried-and-tested programmes and platforms.

Our Team

  • Richard Duma
    Richard Duma


  • Siboniswa Shange
    Siboniswa Shange
    C.E.O of Tage Marketing
  • Talent Dlamini
    Talent Dlamini
    C.E.O of
  • Arnold Ngwane
    Arnold Ngwane
    C.E.O of Ngwane Direct

Contact Us

Lionheart Marketing

  • 60 Elston Avenue,
  • 011 845 7898
  • 067 007 1013
  • info@lionheartmarketing.co.za

Richard Duma

My name is Richard Bonginkosi Duma born 1991 in Ermelo and grew up in Nelspruit Mpumalanga. Growing up I always knew I am destined for greatness regardless of my background. I have always dreamt of running my own businesses and I had a goal to study computer science at the university of Zululand after completing my metric in 2010. Unfortunately, I did not get qualifying results and in 2011 I went to upgrade my results and did a short course in I.T with APC college. Well I did not go to the university of Zululand due to financial challenges at home, fortunately enough I received a life changing call for an interview in November 2012 after writing my final I.T short course exams, and without hesitation I went for the interview and discovered it was a training programme that teaches one to run a sales and marketing company.

As I mentioned earlier that I dreamt of running my own businesses such as I.T, production company, property and logistics, the challenge was that I did not have the capital or the experience. I also had a dream to empower others to be successful and all these were my long-term goals and when I met the opportunity I realized that all my long-term goals will be achieved in a short space of time; that is the reason why I stayed and completed programme. My journey in the programme has been fruitful hence I have learnt more about personal growth, gained more confidence in public speaking, teaching, developing and managing people. Currently I am the CEO of Lionheart Marketing and developing an organization called Dominos Group that will empower more young people to run their own businesses.

Siboniswa Shange
C.E.O of Tage Marketing

My name is Sboniso. 24 Years Old. Born in Soweto & mostly raised in the East Rand. I joined the business
2017 March and it took me 6 months to get to management. It’s been quite a thrilling & great journey
me going through the program. Nothing is more fulfilling than running your own business. Working for
someone else has never been part of my plans. Well I studied IT (Diploma), worked in 3 Companies before I joined the business. On which on all of them there was no growth at all. Which is one of the reasons why I took the opportunity very serious when it was offered to me. It was a bit astonishing to hear when I was told I can be able to run my own company within 6 to 12 months through learning & developing people in Sales and Marketing.
Well since I was raised by a single parent in conditions which were quite not fulfilling. I developed the
hunger and strive of not waiting for things to be given to me. But go get them. That’s one one of the
reasons I got through the program in a short period of time. I believe for as long a you got purpose in life
and know exactly what you pushing for. Nothing could ever come in your way to cease greatness.
Without a single cent or any qualifications in Sales and Marketing today I’m on I got my company fully
signed on the verge to take over the world “TageMarketing”, all in the good hands of willing to learn
from the best & allow room for improvement everytime. My aim is to groom and develop other
youngsters to run their own business at young age and definitely retire at the age of 35 even less just I’ll
do. It is always said if you spend time with with the Lions you will learn to hunt, which is one of the main
reasons I’ve always spent more time with people above me in the business. One thing I have always had
in mind is to not just to see things as they are as more of how they can become. I’ve gotten to understand that you don’t need education to be a multi-millionaire but you need to find something you can put your work in on the daily basis. Learn from the best, possess the work ethic, consistency and commitment. Therefore I can say this is just a start, to thee best is still yet to come. I’m on the verge to develop other youngsters who are passionate, hungry & goal driven as me. You can be anything you want to be for as long as you believe and put your mind to it.

Talent Dlamini
C.E.O of

My name is Talent Mfanafuthi Dlamini completed my matric in 2005. Ever since I completed my matric I didn’t study any further. I have worked for different companies. I was never satisfied while I was working for these companies so I was always applying for other jobs until I received a call that I am invited for an interview at Rex Inc. I always dreamt of running my own business, more especially in property but didn’t know how to get started, so upon hearing about the opportunity that Rex Inc. offers I realised that this is the place I wanted to be. The structure that they are using gave me a clear understanding of what I need to do in order to run a business and that the reason why I choose to stay. My journey in this business has been amazing, I learnt a lot and I have also gained more confidence as well as personal growth, which includes things like coaching, motivating, teaching training and managing people as well. My goal is to pass the same opportunity that I got to people like me who aspire to be the next future entrepreneurs.

Arnold Ngwane
C.E.O of Ngwane Direct

My name is Arnold John Ngwane born in 1995 in Pretoria, Hammanskraal. Growing up I have always seen myself successful in life, I always had the vision of myself running my own businesses as I was motivated by my background. I don’t really come from a rich background but I was raised by hard workers being my parents, they would struggle to make sure I never go a day without a meal. I completed my metric at Makgetsi High School in 2015. I then went to Rosebank College doing Diploma in business management that takes a period of two years, I completed my first year then going to my final year that is when I met the business programme. I joined the business looking for a part time job only to find out it was more than a job but an opportunity to get to run my own business, I was told that this is an opportunity to get to run my own business in short period of time taking about 8 to 12 months, at that moment in time I did not believe it but what got me to come back was curiosity. I was excited for the fact that in the programme there’s teaching and training that takes place each and every day, so it made more sense to stick around while waiting to reopen in college. There more time I spent in the Programme I began to understand the programme better to a point where I had to decide whether I stick around or I go back to school, I then decided to stick around and quit college, my parents weren’t excited about my decision but at some point in life we have to risk big in order to win big. One of the reasons I worked hard in the Programme was the fact that I sacrificed college, so it wouldn’t make sense for me not to take it more serious, it took me some quite time to master the sales aspect but one thing that helped me to progress was my willingness to learn and being coachable and I was asking lots of questions. I believe that nothing defeats hard work and since I have a million dollar work ethic I am a millionaire under construction.